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Homily for the Tenth Sunday in Ordinary Time – Speak Life!

Readings for the 10th Sunday in Ordinary Time are posted here.

The homily is accessible here, or at the link near the bottom of the parish website home page.

I have been doing some reading as the summer starts; the main theme of this homily is inspired by one title:  Rebuilt: Awakening the Faithful, Reaching the Lost, and Making Church Matter.  If you read the book, you will recognize the connection.

At its heart, though, this homily addresses a need that I believe every church experiences sometime in its life cycle:  the need to basically figure out what’s Most Important for its people, and then to Do That Thing.  I believe that, when a parish figures out what That Thing is, everything starts to come together.  And I believe that Fr. White’s/Tom Corcoran’s book lays out a blueprint for finding That Thing.  For what it’s worth.

Anyway, enjoy; comments are always welcome at the blog, or on Facebook/Twitter, or on the parish website.  God bless!

I love it when they make my point for me…

I love this…:

The attached video is from Powerful stuff, IMHO. So powerful, I had to get somewhere and post about it *right now*.

The reason pro-abortion folks refuse to follow the logic of the beginning of life is exactly this: If you acknowledge that life begins at conception (and when else would a human being come into being…implantation doesn’t add anything to the developing person at all; it just gives him/her the ability to grow (kind of like Mom serving breakfast and dinner to a five-year-old…), this is where you end up.

President Obama articulated the pro-life message more eloquently than most of us ever manage. and you don’t even have to substitute words! Just listen, and assume for a moment that those of us with science on our side are actually correct, and life really *does* begin at conception. But don’t think about it too long; you may find yourself suffering cognitive dissonance.

Black people, you’re particularly at risk. We trot off to the “clinic” to solve the racists’ problem *for* them. They don’t want y’all breeding, producing more inferior humans to be cared for by the State. There isn’t any need for them to do anything; all they have to do is convince you that a) sex is recreation, and b) a baby is a “choice”; you’ll kill the next generation off all by your lonesome.

W A K E   U P, dang it!

I hated statistics when I studied it in college…

…but I’m liking it now. With a h/t to Aggie Catholic, this is pretty cool.

Lies, @$&%ed lies, and statistics. Proof of the axiom, right here.

We have *so* lost our appreciation of this…

I am convinced, the older I get, that the reason so many things that are wrong are being taught as right is that we have lost our appreciation for the Natural Law. Now, don’t get me wrong: I didn’t learn it, either, and I was vapidly following the herd mentality of “If it feels good, do it!” like everyone else. But when compared to first principles of Natural Law, mainly, that good must be done, and evil must be avoided, that advice from the culture doesn’t hold up.

This article, however, from The Catholic Thing, does a great job of explaining those first principles. I thought this line was telling:

If we equate natural law merely with what Aquinas calls the “first principle” of natural law – i.e., good is to be done, evil is to be avoided – the world understandably. . .yawns, and goes on its merry way.

The author goes on to explain:

The three “precepts” of the natural law that follow from this basic principle are what give “teeth” and specificity to the natural law, and rescue it from being the merely vague and abstract idea of “conformity to nature,” which elicits dismissal by critics.

The article explains those three precepts in a way I, a mere mortal, found accessible. The Kantian Categorical Imperative, Jeremy Bentham’ utilitarianism, and other 19th century philosophical frameworks all fail in one way or another to take into account the special nature of Man, and thus fail to acknowledge what John Paul II termed the Personalistic Norm: a person’s a person, no matter how small (ok, that’s Dr. Seuss and Horton Hears a Who, but that’s the gist of it).

I think it’s interesting how our moving away from a strong basis in philosophy in our teaching methods has wounded our ability to think. I hope you find the article helpful!

You know what I hate?

I hate it when people get their knickers all in a knot about one grave insult made by some insensitive butthead (usually a Republican), who says something to prove that there’s a “War on Women”…then it turns out that maybe, just maybe, what he said wasn’t so stupid/reprehensible/insensitive/ignorant/unscientific. Maybe Todd Akin had a little science on his side (even if he was inarticulate).

Check this out. I found this gentleman’s statistical analysis enlightening. I won’t regurgitate the whole thing; don’t be lazy, and go read it.

I found that 0.2% pregnancy rate across over 26,000 pregnancies very interesting. Makes me even more certain that we should just give up the sexual assault exception, get rid of 99.8% of abortions, then go back and work on the hearts of the other 0.2%. Cuz I’m feelin’ like 52,000,000 dead kids is Plenty, Thank You.


P l e n t y.

Just sayin’.

Excellent New Media Post: Priest Challenges Homosexuals and Critics

Priest Challenges Homosexuals and Critics.

Heck yeah.

Get over the fact it rhymes.  Sometimes the Truth comes out in iambic pentameter (h/t to Mrs. Jacquelyn Burke for the poetry reference).

Truth is Truth.  And I think this priest states it as well as it could be stated.  The Church doesn’t reject people with same-sex attraction.  But neither does it LIE to them to tell them that everything’s OK…when it *isn’t*.

Just sayin’.

Seriously? Article: Back to the Back Alley in California

This is most excellent (not): .

So, doctors are sick of performing abortions killing children in the womb, so now we expand the priviledge to non-physicians? The reason physicians are the folks performing abortions is that, sometimes, crap goes wrong. Do you want a nurse midwife handling *your* complication? Are we so desperate to not be “punished with a baby” that we are willing to risk our lives? Culture of Death, threatening to score…

Someone tell me, please, why having a non-physician perform what, in the end, is a surgical procedure, is a good idea. Are we so desperate to worship Molloch that we will let just anyone perform the ritual?

Article: Shackled to Fertility? An interesting commentary

Shackled to Fertility?

Fr. Longenecker makes an interesting point here about a comment he received. This goes back to the Big Lie I keep harping on:

You believe that your ability for sexual expression is there, like a nice Christmas present, for you to play with and enjoy without boundaries, without restriction, and without judgment.  The fact that you feel certain things when you experience sex with someone else outside of marriage doesn’t faze you; you presume (because you’ve bought the Big Lie) that it’s just all those darned (fill in the blank with your favorite moral authority, be it the Catholic Church, Islam, the Southern Baptist Convention, your mom, whoever) are making you feel guilty!  If they would just leave you alone, cuz you aren’t hurting anyone, why, you’d be just fine!

The problem with the Big Lie is that it is so pervasive, it’s hard to see how much it spoils things for everyone.  The Big Lie justifies contraception, and by extension abortion (why should I be punished with a child for playing with my toy?).  The Big Lie justifies divorce, and sometimes infidelity (s/he doesn’t “do it for me” anymore.  Our marriage lacks intimacy.  S/he just doesn’t understand me…).  The Big Lie sexualizes our children at ever younger ages.  It makes our female children feel like they need to set themselves up as objects to be used, to be socially acceptable.  It makes us think the misogynistic lyrics of our favorite songs are actually funny.  It makes us ponder why everyone is so uptight about the human body; why y’all stressin’ ’bout pictures of naked people having sex?  It’s natural!

But the Big Lie doesn’t have hold of us completely.  The Big Lie doesn’t keep us from hearing that still, small voice in the quiet moments, you know, the one that questions why we put ourselves through all this, the voice that says, reeeeeally quietly, that “there must be something more than this…” And most importantly…the Big Lie can’t compete with the Truth.  Christ, the Light, can and does break through.  He can and does make it clear that there is more than this.  And He can and does help us to understand that our fertility isn’t a shackle, it’s a cooperation in Creation with God, who loved each one of us into being through our parents!

So, yes…abortion takes upwards of 60% of Black children in the womb in New York City.  Yes, on every side, there are forces coming together to try to fundamentally change society’s definitions of its most basic units, to justify lifestyles that are destructive.  Yes, the Guhmint seems to have gone stone crazy in its exercise of power against those who call Christ Lord and Savior.

But (spoiler alert!) I read the book to the end.  God wins!

Shackled to fertility, indeed.

The Woman


Yes, I know (s)he’s givin voice to someone voiceless. But who hasn’t looked at a child and seen both ends of this spectrum?

And yet…so many term the other in this two who are one for a time, a “choice”.

He or she isn’t the choice. The only house is whether to let him/her live…or to cause him/her to die. Personally, I think 50,000,000 people dead is enough of *that* choice, thank you…

LA and Chick-Fil-A: Such a clear post!

LA and Chick-Fil-A.

Fr. Longenecker does a much better job than I seem to be taking time to do in explaining the a) difference between Dan Cathey, president of Chick-Fil-A, and other corporate speakers on the subject of same-sex unions and calling them marriage, and b) the hypocrisy of some in the media and elsewhere in how they approach these issues.

I particularly like this comparison:

The equivalent of Starbuck’s move would be for Chick-Fil-A to issue a public corporate policy statement in formal opposition to gay marriage and to fund measures to repeal it. An equivalent action by Chick-Fil-A to Ben and Jerry’s marketing and publicity blitz would be for Chick-Fil-A to name a new sandwich ‘The Mom and Dad Traditional Chicken Sandwich’ with a marketing campaign saying, “If you support Mom and Dad not Dad and Dad–then buy this sandwich, along with a media blitz to convince people to be against gay marriage.

Yeah.  Exactly.  So, please stop telling me how all us evil Christians, including evil Big Christian Business and the Catholic Church, are so bigoted and discriminatory against this poor new minority.  Unlike some of my caucasian brothers and sisters of the Jim Crow era, I have no problem with anyone because of who they are, and I only have a problem with what they do when that conduct seeks to impinge on my right to do what I do (as in the case of redefining marriage, and hate-speech laws taken to ridiculous lengths, etc.).

For my part, I share the concern I’ve heard expressed, most recently by Archbishop Charles Chaput of Philadelphia, and the incoming bishop of Glasgow, Bishop Tartaglia, that those who believe Christian values are bigoted and discriminatory will seek to marginalize people of faith, even to the point of imprisonment.  All I can say is:

Bring it.

It will put me in good company, and I promise I will not go softly into that good night.  I don’t think they know who they’re messing with; FYI, folks, this is not Cardinal Bernadin’s Catholic Church./  We are MUCH less confused about what is right, and about how to communicate it and defend it, even in the courts and elsewhere, if necessary.  I don’t think we’ll have to go the way of the Cristeros, but then again, I don’t think the folks who seek to marginalize us have the stones of Plutarco Elias Calles, either.  I pray I am right, because if I am not, there could be rocky times ahead…

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